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Three Duck Hunting Bags To Carry

If you're getting into waterfowl hunting, you'll have a lot of things to focus on. While you'll want to spend some time learning the ins and outs of this activity, you'll also need to buy a selection of things to use on your hunts. The right clothing will be essential, but you should also take note of the different bags that you can buy for duck hunting. A hunting shop will carry a variety of products that may interest you. These bags may have different functions, but they all tend to be water-resistant and have a camouflage design. Here are three waterfowl hunting bags to consider buying to use in your hunting blind.

Decoy Bag

It's common to use decoys when you go waterfowl hunting, and you'll see a number of decoy bags wherever you shop for hunting gear. These bags are designed to hold the decoys that you plan to set out in the area that you'll be hunting. Duck hunters use decoys in different ways, but a common approach is to visit an area to set up the decoys, and then return another day for the hunt. Decoy bags are large, allowing you to carry several decoys at once. Think about how many decoys you plan to use, and then buy a bag in the right size.

Ammunition Bag

You'll also find ammunition bags for waterfowl hunting. Hunters use shotguns for this type of hunting, and these bags are designed to hold a number of shotgun shells. Duck-hunting ammo bags tend to be compact, which is ideal because they won't add unnecessary bulk if you're carrying other gear. Their design will vary, but they generally offer interior storage for a number of shotgun shells, as well as some exterior pouches and shell holders that will allow you to retrieve extra ammunition quickly when needed.

General Bag

Hunting stores also commonly sell general duck hunting bags. These bags vary in size and have more of a general purpose, rather than being built to carry one specific thing. For example, one of these bags may have space for a decoy or two, but also have some pouches into which you can load some boxes of ammunition. There may also be pouches that are specifically designed to hold duck calls, which are another piece of gear that you'll need to carry when you hunt for waterfowl. Visit a local hunting store to check out its inventory of waterfowl hunting blind bags.