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Ways Your Child Will Learn To Use A Kickboard

When a child participates in swimming lessons, they can expect to learn not only several different swimming strokes but also how to use various swim-related accessories. One popular accessory that is a fixture in swimming lessons is a kickboard. Thin and made of foam, kickboards as a useful device for children when they're learning how to swim and as they get more confident in the water. The manner in which your child will use a kickboard will depend on their age, but here are three common ways that children use kickboards during their swimming lessons.

Holding While Kicking 

For young swimmers, it can sometimes be a challenge to propel themselves through the water with their arms while also kicking their legs. One way that swimming instructors break down various swimming strokes is with the use of kickboards. Your child will get a chance to hold the kickboard out in front of them with their arms outstretched while they kick their legs. In doing so, they won't have to worry about moving their arms. Instead, they can focus on proper kicking techniques. Once they get more confident with kicking, your child will set the kickboard aside and swim with their arms and legs.


While a kickboard is a valuable device for helping a child to move through the water, it's also useful for helping a child to float. Children will learn all sorts of safety techniques in their swimming lessons, including how to float with the help of a kickboard. One popular method is for your child to lie on their back in the water and hold the kickboard against their chest with both arms. This technique will allow them to save energy because they don't have to kick or use their arms. In the event that your child ever becomes fatigued in the water and has access to a kickboard, they'll know how to use it to stay above water.


As kids get older, their swimming lessons often teach various techniques to help swimmers in distress. A simple way to help a struggling swimmer is to toss them a kickboard, which they can then grab and use to stay afloat. Older children in swimming lessons will get a chance to practice tossing kickboards to other students who are in the water. Your child will learn how to kneel at the edge of the pool and toss the kickboard so it lands in front of the struggling swimmer and is easy to grab.

Visit a local swimming pool's website to enroll your child in kids' swimming lessons.