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Details To Check Before You Sign Your Child Up For A Travel Baseball Team

If your child is excelling in baseball at the local level, you might be eager to give them more of a challenge. For most kids, a good challenge will come in the form of playing travel baseball. Travel baseball teams are made of players from different areas who have a high level of aptitude; many players on these teams go on to play high school and college baseball. If you live in an area where there are a few different travel baseball programs available, you'll want to take some time evaluating each of them before you decide which will be the right fit for your child and your family. Here are some details to investigate.

Number Of Games/Tournaments 

The number of games and tournaments that a travel baseball team plays varies. You'll definitely find programs that play games and tournaments almost every week of the summer, while others play less frequently. Playing more games offers your child an opportunity to get better at the sport. If they're in high school, more games will also provide more exposure for college scouts. Conversely, if you have another child enrolled in sports and you have a busy job, you may find that a team that plays fewer games is a better fit for your family at this time.

Travel Range

Some travel baseball teams play the majority of their games within the state, while other teams travel farther. For many families, the idea of traveling to different states for baseball can be exciting. Not only will your young athlete get a chance to face off against kids from all over the country, but your family can also find the travel experience enriching. For example, during your downtime, it can be fun to tour the various cities you visit and check out the sights together.


When you browse the website of a travel baseball program, you'll often see a list of the program's alumni. Reading about former players who have gone on to play at the college level, particularly if they're received scholarships from well-known schools, can be enticing. A particular program that has an impressive alumni list indicates that the players get a high level of coaching from the coaches. It can also suggest that the coaches have connections with scouts and evaluators at different colleges, which can improve the exposure of players in the program. Think about each of these details before you decide which travel baseball team is best for your child.

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