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Tips To Help You Catch More Marlin

Marlin are not known to be the easiest fish to catch. They are strong enough to wear out less-fit anglers, and they're also pretty smart, so they quickly learn to avoid baits. In spite of these challenges, however, it is possible to catch marlin. Here are a few tips to help you catch more of them as you fish. 

Bring a big rod and reel.

If you don't already have an 80-class or 100-class reel, it's worth buying one before you head out to fish for marlin. These fish can easily break rods with less capacity, and smaller rods also make it much harder to reel in such big, strong fish. If you're not sure you're going to keep fishing for marlin, see if someone you know will lend you their higher-class rod and reel for your fishing trip. You're better off using a borrowed rod and reel of the right class than a lower-class one.

Use a variety of baits.

Often when you begin marlin fishing, you'll likely get a few nibbles. Then, the fish will learn to avoid the bait, and you may not get any more bites. Bringing an array of baits can help you thwart this issue. When you notice that the fish have stopped biting, you can switch baits. Good live baits to use for marlin include false albacore and bonito. You can also bring along a few worms and some fresh fish.

Troll slowly.

Marlin don't tend to bite when the bait and lures are stationary. You'll have an easier time catching them if you're able to troll along in your boat. Try to troll at about 8.5 knots. This will move your lures along just enough to keep the marlin interested without making it much harder for you to cast your line or reel the fish in. Make sure you bring several friends along to fish. One of you can control the boat while the others cast their lines.

Have patience when reeling them in.

Reeling in a marlin can take an hour or more. When you catch one on your line, be patient. Treat this as a marathon, not a sprint. Reel the fish in slowly, take a break, then reel in some more. This decreases your risk of losing the fish or tiring before you've reeled it in.

With the tips above, you can catch more marlin and have a great experience out on the water.