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4 Tips For Tackling Indoor Cycling At Home

One of the great things about cycling is that it can be done both outdoors and indoors. When it is just too hot, or just too cold, to cycle outside, you can always cycle inside. You can do so at a gym or at home with your own bike. When it comes to tackling indoor cycling, it is essential to know how to do so to ensure success.

Tip #1: Find a Good Space

First, you are going to want to find a good place to set up your indoor cycle. An indoor cycle is usually a heavy piece of equipment, and you are going to be sweating when you are using it, so you want to place it on a sturdy floor that will be easy to clean up around as you may sweat onto the ground around the bike.

When it comes to where to put your cycle, you may want to put it on a special mat to absorb the equipment's weight and ensure easy cleaning. A thick mat will absorb the sound of the cycle as well.

Find a space where you can move and sweat in your home and leave your bike set up when you are not using it.

Tip #2: Invest in a Fan

When you get really into cycling, you are going to sweat a lot. Cycling can be a very intense type of workout. It is good to sweat, but you also want to keep yourself cool as well. One of the best ways to do that is by investing in a fan that you can point at yourself when you are working out. You may want to get one or two big powerful fans and point one at your face and one at your body to stay cool when working out.  

Tip #3: Keep a Towel Nearby

Third, you will want to keep a towel nearby, as you are going to sweat when you are working out. One of the best places to put a towel is on your handlebars. That way, you can easily grab the towel when you need to wipe your face as you are riding.

When choosing a towel, you will want to use a microfiber style or a cotton towel that will dry fast as you work out. Keep a couple of towels on hand, and always throw them in the washing machine when you are done using them.

Tip #4: Invest in Headphones

If you really want to get your game on when cycling, you will want to get in the zone. One of the best ways to get in the zone is by listening to music that you really like or listening to a podcast that you find interesting. You will want to have a good set of wireless headphones so that you don't get caught up in the cords when you are riding. You may want to go with noise-canceling headphones if you don't want to hear the sound of the wheels moving when you are riding.

If you want to get into your online cycling, and put the miles on your bike, get a thick mat for your bike to protect your flooring, muffle the sound of your bike, and make post-workout cleaning easy. Invest in some fans to keep you cool when you ride and keep a towel over your handlebars. Get some headphones so you can get pumped up with your favorite music or podcast when you are riding. Most importantly, make riding your indoor cycle a part of your everyday routine. To learn more, contact a company like Plan 7 Coaching.