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Reasons To Hunt Solely With Your Rifle's Sights

When it comes to equipping a rifle for a hunting trip, many people affix a scope to the top of the firearm. There are numerous advantages of using this accessory on your rifle — most important is the device's ability to magnify your prey when it's in the far distance. You don't necessarily have to use a scope when you hunt, though. If you expect to encounter your prey within relatively close proximity, the iron sights that come on the rifle should be adequate for you to make an accurate shot. When you shop for a new rifle, look for a model that has high-quality sights. Here are some reasons to hunt solely with your rifle's sights.

It Adds A Challenge

The challenge of the hunt is one element that many outdoors enthusiasts enjoy. While hunting can be challenging when you have a scope on your rifle, the presence of the scope offers some ease. When you solely use your rifle's sights, you'll add a new challenge that may appeal to you. For example, you may have to position yourself closer to your prey than when you use a scope. The idea of silently sneaking across the terrain to get into position can be exciting.

It Prevents Weight And Bulk

When you add a scope to a hunting rifle, it makes the firearm heavier and bulkier. While hunters can get used to this added weight and bulk, you might appreciate how a rifle feels in your hands without the addition of a scope. For example, when you buy a new rifle and you like its weight and how balanced it feels in your hands, you might not wish to change these things by adding a scope. Similarly, if you've ever snagged a scope on a branch while getting into a tree stand, you may appreciate the sleeker design of a rifle that doesn't have a scope.

It Helps Keep Things Affordable

While scopes are available at several price points, high-end optics can cost a significant amount of money. Not everyone is in a position to devote a lot of their income to their hunting pastime. If you have limited financial resources but you enjoy hunting, learning to hunt solely with the rifle's sights will save you from having to spend money on a scope. In such a situation, you'll want to ask someone at your local gun shop to recommend a rifle that has the best set of stock sights for your budget.

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