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Planning a Trip to a Hunting Reserve? 4 Tips to Help You Prepare

If you're looking for a new way to hunt, consider planning a trip to an axis deer trophy hunting ranch. Hunting ranches are a way to enjoy hunting while doing your part for nature conservation. These ranches help control the local deer population, which allows those that remain to have access to sufficient resources. Here are four tips that will help you prepare for your first trip to a hunting ranch.

Keep Yourself Unscented

If you've planned a trip to a trophy reserve, you want to make sure you have a successful hunt. Unfortunately, having the wrong scent on your body can leave you without a trophy at the end of your trip. That's because deer tend to shy away from the human scent. In fact, even a trace of human scent will send deer heading in the opposite direction. To make sure that doesn't happen to you, keep yourself unscented. Before you head out, shower from head to toe with unscented soap and shampoo, and avoid using any type of scented deodorants or lotions.

Bring Plenty of Tick Repellent

When it comes to hunting, you need to make sure that you don't become the target of dangerous pests—namely, ticks. One bite by an infected tick can ruin your hunting trip and send you to the emergency room. To protect yourself, carry plenty of unscented tick repellent. Reapply as necessary so that you're never without protection. If members of your hunting party have forgotten to pack their own supply, send your tick repellent through the group. That way, ticks stay away from all of you. This not only protects your group from sickness, it also ensures that someone else's encounter with ticks doesn't cut your hunting trip short.

Know How to Use Your Tree Stand

If you'll be using a tree stand for the first time, know how to use it before you arrive at the trophy reserve. Begin by practicing with the setup and teardown before you use the tree stand for the first time. Second, bring a concealment shade with you. That way, your tree stand isn't visible to the local wildlife. Third, always use a safety harness while you're up in the trees. One fall from the stand could end your hunting trip—or worse. Finally, bring an odor concealer along when you set up your tree stand. You'll want to eliminate any odors that could deter the deer.

Understand the Limits Before Heading Out

When it comes to hunting at a trophy reserve, it's crucial that you understand the limits before heading out. Each reserve will have a limit to the number of deer you can take during one trip. Going beyond the limit could leave you facing fines and penalties. It's also important that you keep your hunting license on you at all times, and that you document each deer you bring down.