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Rainy Day Fun For You, Your Spouse, And Your Travel Companions

If you, your spouse, and three other couples spend one week at a rental villa each summer, there have probably been past occasions that involved dealing with inclement weather. These situations may have led to you and the others partaking in a game of cards or charades. This year, instead of suggesting one of the games that were previously played, offer everyone the opportunity to participate in an interactive murder mystery game.

Assign Teams Before Competing In The First Round

Murder mystery games involve assigning people to various roles and reading clues that can be used to solve a crime. Some games allow for individual or team play. This means, that if you would like to pair up with you spouse or one of your friends, you can assign a partner to each participant for a team murder mystery game. Familiarize yourself with the way the game is to be played, after purchasing the set. Your game may include props, question cards, clues, and a storyline.

When you and the others are ready to play the game, ask each person to pick one of the characters in the game. Hand out props that correlate to the characters and read the mystery story aloud.

The story will give everyone information about each character's personality and what type of crime has occurred. After all of the players have been broken up into teams, it is each team's duty to solve the clues on their own and to interrogate the other players, which will assist with determining who the guilty party is. 

Add Your Own Spin To The Game

Some murder mystery games are designed to be open-ended, which will allow you and the others to be creative while playing. If you purchase a game that contains a standard storyline, add some of your own creative twists to the game session. Choose personal props and costumes or encourage everyone to act out various parts of the story.

Sometimes, the person who has committed the murder is notified at the beginning of the game, but this is not always the case. You and the others can participate in a game that does not provide any information about the person who committed the crime and this can make a competition more interesting. After completing the first game, ask everyone if they would like to switch partners before beginning another round that includes a completely different storyline.