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3 Things You Need To Go Trout Fishing

If you want to be a real fisherperson, you need to fish for trout. Trout fishing requires you to do more than show up at the water with a pole in your hand. To be successful at trout fishing, you need to know the characteristics of the stream or river where you are fishing, as well as how the weather impacts the way the fish as well. You also need the right equipment to assist you as you start your journey to becoming an excellent trout fisherperson.

#1 The Right Rig

You need the right rig when you go out fishing. You can purchase your rod and reel separately, or you can purchase them together. If you are just starting out, you may want to start with a combined rod-and-reel.

The truth is that you are going to need a different rod-and-reel set-up depending on where you are fishing. When fishing in a shallow stream, where smaller fish are more likely to be found and there is underbrush to fight against, you are going to want a really light rod that is only about four or five feet long. A light rod will give you the flexibility you need for this type of fishing situation.

If you plan on fishing on more robust streams or rivers where the water is flowing faster, you need to worry more about rocks than underbrush. For this type of fishing, you need a heavy set-up. You need a rod that is around six to seven feet in length with a line spool that is housed inside of an enclosed area. This will give you the strength you need to fight against the bigger fish found in more active streams and rivers, as well as fight against the water's current.

#2 Natural Bait

You can use artificial flies and lures. However, the best way to fish is with natural bait. You can pick up natural bait at your fishing shop on your way out in the morning. Earthworms, referred to as nightcrawlers, as well as aquatic larvae, are two great types of natural bait to use.

If you can't grab natural live bait, grab some prepacked trout bait. Either way, you are giving the fish something real to eat, not some shiny lure to try to trick them to grab onto your line.

#3 Wades & Boots

If you want to really grab the best fish, you are going to need to get down in the water. Standing out in the water can allow you to access fishing holes and spots that you just can't get to from the bank of the stream or river.

Before you step out in the water, you need the right gear. You need hip waders that will cover up your legs all the way up to your waist, or you need some chest waders that will come all the way up to your chest.

You also need some fleece insulation under them to keep you warm. This will allow you to comfortably get out in the water and get to the best fishing spots.

Having the right gear is just the first step in becoming a great trout fisherperson. You also need to dedicate time to learning the water and the habits of your favorite fishing spots. For more information, contact a fishing gear store such as Wilcox Bait & Tackle.