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What You Need To Know About Buying Ammo Online

Gun enthusiasts know that having a ready supply of ammunition for their favorite weapon is critical. Unfortunately, it might be challenging to find the ammo that you need in your immediate area.

The Internet has allowed gun enthusiasts to take advantage of ammo distributors in other states when it comes to building a cache of ammo for their weapons. Before you set out to purchase your gun ammo online, there are some important things that you need to know.

Shipping Limitations

You should always take the time to research the shipping limitations associated with buying ammo online before placing your order. State laws can vary when it comes to the legality of having ammo delivered directly to your door. You don't want to spend a lot of money on ammo, only to discover that your state won't allow you to have it delivered.

Some ammo distributors will also limit the geographic areas they are willing to ship to. Check to make sure that your state is on the delivery list before placing your order.


It is essential that you carefully read through the description before placing your order. Most websites will have a photograph attached to each ammo listing, but these photographs can get attached to the wrong product.

Never rely on what you see in the photo. Always read the description to verify that the load weight, bullet size, and construction materials meet your needs before you complete any online ammo purchase.

Hidden Fees

Another important thing to watch for when shopping for the best deal on ammo online is hidden fees. Some distributors will charge a fee for packaging your order. Others might include a surcharge if you order in bulk. Shipping costs can also add up if the distributor is only willing to work with a single carrier.

You should read through the fine print on the distributor's website, and even place a call to the customer service support line for additional clarification on any fees you can expect to pay when placing an order. Identifying hidden fees up-front will help you locate the most affordable ammo distributor.

Anyone looking for a simple and affordable way to stock up on ammunition for their weapons should consider purchasing online. Online distributors can offer deep discounts on bulk orders, saving you a significant amount of money when compared with in-store prices. If you are legally able to receive an ammo shipment, then online ordering may be right for you.