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Purchase a New Aboveground Pool and Accessories This Summer

An aboveground swimming pool will provide you and your children with many of the perks associated with an inground pool, but you will not need to permanently alter your property or pay for the installation of a concrete deck. If a water feature is something that you are contemplating the purchase of, you should decide on pool design, recreational activities that can be used in the pool, and a maintenance schedule.

Choose A Size, An Entry Option, And Decorative Features

Aboveground pools contain steel or aluminum walls that are stabilized with rails and hardware. Aboveground models vary in size, which will likely have a bearing on the pool that you pick for your property. If you have a deck on your property, it can be used as a point of entry for your pool, which will reduce the amount of your initial investment. A deck, however, is not necessary, and you can choose a model that features a ladder entry if you would prefer this style over one that is more complex.

Select a pool that will 'grow' with your family. If your children are relatively young or if you plan on having more children in the future, it might be best to choose a larger pool model so that you and your loved ones can always utilize the pool at the same time and have plenty of room to swim or relax on a float.

If you want a pool that will complement your residence and property, choose one that has faux wood or brightly-colored siding panels. A pool kit that contains a cover, chemicals, a pump, and a skimmer, will provide you with all of the essentials needed to set up your pool and keep it maintained.

Choose Recreational Components And Prepare A Maintenance Schedule

Since diving or jumping into the pool will not be feasible, you need to choose some additional activities that you and your children can participate in while using the water feature. Waterproof sticks that can be hidden and retrieved, a portable volleyball net or basketball hoop, and colorful loungers that need to be filled with air can add some entertainment value to each swimming session.

Another person should assist you in installing the pool since some of the pool pieces will be large in size and could be quite heavy. Hire a professional pool installation crew if you want to ensure that the job is done right and that the proper amount of chemicals is added to the pool water. Learn how to clean the pool and add more chemicals to the water when required, or schedule maintenance appointments through a pool care specialist.