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Your First Professional Baseball Game: 4 Things Not To Do

Attending your first professional baseball game is sure to be enjoyable. Perhaps you will be watching the World Series, or maybe you have tickets to see a team like the Lincoln Saltdogs Baseball Team. You can join the other fans as they cheer on the team, see your favorite players close-up, and simply join in on spectating the classic, all-American sport. If you've never been to a game before, though, you may not know what to expect. Here are a few things you should avoid doing during your first game.

1. Don't be too inappropriate.

Although all sporting events are essentially family-friendly events, baseball is even more so. Many parents bring their kids to games. As such, you should avoid using inappropriate language or gestures during the game, no matter how excited you might be. Parents will appreciate having a friendly environment in which to watch the game with their kids.

2. Don't drink too much.

You can treat yourself to a beer or maybe two during the game, but be careful not to over-indulge. Not only will the game be less memorable if you're drunk, but you don't want to have to climb over row after row of people to use the bathroom in the middle of an inning. You also don't want to end up spilling your beer on anyone next to you or in front of you because you had a little too much.

3. Don't bring a glove.

If a ball happens to be hit into the stands, it travels right towards you, and you catch it—that's fine. But you should not bring a glove in hopes that you'll catch the ball. Other fans will think that makes you look greedy or needy. Plus, it is considered polite to let any kids near you catch a ball, if at all possible. Wearing a glove shows that it may not be your intent to give the ball to a kid. 

4. Don't reach over the wall to catch a ball.

If you happen to be sitting in the front row and a ball comes towards you, stay in your seat! If you reach even an inch over the wall to catch the ball, that ball is considered to be still in play. And as an attendee who interfered with a ball that was still in play, you are violating the rules and may be ejected from the game. 

Attending your first professional baseball game is sure to be a memorable experience. Remember to avoid making the mistakes above so those around you can have just as much fun during the game.