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Top Benefits of Hookah Diving

Exploring the underwater world is something that many people enjoy. Whether through snorkeling or scuba diving, observing marine life is a wonder to behold. If you're interested in a fun activity that is essentially a hybrid between snorkeling and scuba diving, you may thoroughly enjoy hookah diving. Hookah diving involves using a large tube to access surface air while you are swimming underwater. When you use a hookah diving system, you will be able to see so much more than you would using a normal snorkel. Many companies that offer scuba diving and snorkeling tours now also offer hookah diving. Some of the top benefits of hookah diving include the following:

No Need for Certification

Many people are interested in learning how to scuba dive, but they may not have the time to complete all of the required classes or go through the certification process to become a scuba diver. When you opt for hookah diving, you don't have to take any classes or training courses or become certified. If you are a strong swimmer, you should not have any problems picking up hookah diving very easily. 

Easier to Master

Scuba diving is an incredible experience, but it can take time to master all of the skills. Learning how to swim with an air tank on your back and using an oxygen regulator can be tricky, and some people take a long time to get used to how different scuba diving feels. With hookah diving, there is no use for air tanks, and there is no complicated regulator to learn how to use. This makes mastering hookah diving quite simple.


One of the risks of scuba diving is decompression sickness, which involves dissolved gases exiting the body when a diver ascends to the surface at the end of a dive. Highly experienced scuba divers know the proper procedures to prevent decompression sickness, but novice divers may have more difficulty. With hookah diving, you will have great access to the ocean, but you will not descend as deep as scuba divers do, so you will not have to worry about decompression sickness at all.

More to Explore

Hookah diving gives you the opportunity to explore so much more than snorkeling. A hookah diving cord can be dozens of feet long, so you will be able to swim where you want; if you see something at the bottom of a reef and want to get a closer look, it is easy to do when you are hookah diving. Many avid snorkelers love the freedom that hookah diving offers them. 

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