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Tips For Buying Marijuana Concentrates From A Dispensary

When individuals visit a dispensary for the first time, concentrates will often be some of the products that they are the most interested in trying. As with other commercial quality cannabis products, it is important for new customers to be mindful when they try concentrates for the first time.

Consider The Effects You Are Wanting To Achieve

Due to the way that they are manufactured, the effects of the cannabis strain that was used in the concentrate will be greatly amplified. As a result, individuals that use an indica heavy concentrate can find themselves feeling sleepy and lethargic, while those that use sativa varieties may have a much more energetic experience.

By pairing the type of concentrate you get with the activities you are planning on doing, you can maximize the enjoyment that you get from your fist concentrate experience. For individuals that are wanting a more balanced experience, there are hybrid strains of cannabis that may be a better option. By discussing your desired effects with the dispensary worker, they will be able to help you choose the concentrate that pairs the best with your plans.

Invest In An Electric Vaporizer

Unfortunately, those that are new to concentrates will often be intimidated by the equipment that is commonly used for smoking the product. Furthermore, investing in conventional dabbing tools can be expensive for those that are only visiting for a short period. Investing in an electric vaporizer that is designed for marijuana concentrates will allow you to conveniently use the concentrate.

When using one of these devices, you must avoid overloading it with concentrate. Otherwise, much of the concentrate may be wasted, and a sticky residue can seep out of the vaporizer.

If you only plan on using the vaporizer for a few days, cleaning it should not be a major concern. However, those planning on using these devices on a long-term basis will need to clean it regularly to remove excess residue that may accumulate.

Allow At Least Several Minutes Between Doses

A mistake that people often make when using concentrates for the first time will be to underestimate the strength of the effects that they will experience. For example, after exhaling the concentrate vapor, you may notice little to no effects for several minutes. However, once the effects start to be felt, they can intensify rapidly.

By allowing some time between inhaling the concentrate vapor, you can better gauge the strength of the effect that it is having on you. In addition to helping you to control your experience, this can also be important for avoiding overheating and damaging glass dabbing tools. For more information, contact a dispensary in Bremerton.