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3 Things You Need To Understand About How Cannabis Seed-To-Sale Software Works

In many medical and recreational cannabis markets, regulation has pushed the idea of seed-to-sale, where the growth of cannabis is kept track of from literally the time the seed is planted in the ground until the final product is sold to the consumer. In order to meet such regulations requirements, one needs the right software system to keep track of everything.

1. Barcodes Help Keep Track of the Product

Barcodes are integral to the process of keeping track of everything with a seed to sale system. ­­Barcodes are the heart of the system. A barcode is assigned to a seed at the start of the process, and the barcode is scanned every step of the way. A barcode allows you to keep track of the product all the way through the distribution process. Although some systems use a different signature market, barcodes are the most common way of keeping track of everything.

2. It is Easier to Manage Your Inventory

With a seed-to-sale system, it is much easier to analyze and keep track of your inventory. Inventory analysis helps you maintain security over your product. The system allows you to make sure your product doesn't go missing or become misplaced at any step of the growth-to-sale process.

A seed-to-sale system also helps you maintain the profitability of your business. You can clearly see all the money and labor you have spent growing the seed and can use that to correctly price your product and ensure at the end of the day you are making a profit with your product.

3. Allows You to Track New Strains

In the cannabis industry, there are so many different strains that are sold. Just by looking at a flower, it can be difficult to know what flower it is. With a seed-to-sale system, you can more easily identify each strain. Not only can you identify the strain, but you can also track its success and see how it does, and even record patient feedback to the strain. This will allow you to determine what strains you want to keep around and which ones you don't.

Seed-to-sale software is a great tool that is used within the cannabis industry to keep track of the product and make sure that the product is in compliance with state laws. This software can also increase the security of your operations, and when used correctly, can also help increase your sales and profit as well. For more information on cannabis seed-to-sale software, contact your local industry professionals.