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Exotic Safari Hunts: Common Questions

Hunting is more than a sport—it is an experience every time you head off into the field to go after game. If you've experienced every type of hunt you can think of, you may be interested in exotic safari hunts. Take a look at some of the most common questions hunters tend to have about these hunting adventures. 

How much will it cost to go on an exotic safari hunt?

The price you pay for your excursion will depend on several different factors. Of course, the costs of travel will have to be assumed separately and will completely affect how much your trip costs overall. Some things that will affect the cost of the safari hunt outside of the costs of travel will be:

There are a few examples to look at for different types of safaris. A safari in New Zealand to hunt elk will likely cost you around $24,000, which includes trophy fees and is about what you will pay for a five-day hunt. 

What is a domestic safari hunt?

If you are planning an exotic safari hunting trip and come across domestic safari hunts in places like Texas or Utah, you may be a bit confused. However, there is a steady incline in the numbers of large ranches in some parts of the United States that actually allow safari-style hunting. Of course, the animals on these properties are not native; rather, they have been imported and enclosed on the property usually for the specific purpose of hunting, which is not quite the same as an exotic hunt. Nevertheless, the hunting experience can feel just as authentic, and it can save some money on travel expenses. 

What types of animals are legal to hunt during an exotic safari?

Hunting laws and federal regulations in different countries will determine what you can actually hunt during an exotic safari hunting trip. In some areas, you may see a lot of wildlife, such as giraffes, elephants, and lions, but you may only be legally allowed to take down specific animals. There are some exotic locations that offer hunters the ability to select multiple animals during one trip, and there are some places that specialize in only one type of game. Rhinos, zebra, lions, and even giraffes and elk are some examples. 

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