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Tandem Bike Attatchments for Small Children

If you like to spend time out in the sun being active on beautiful days, then you may also be a fan of bike riding. If you have a little one, you may have put your enjoyable bike rides on the back burner. However, you don't have to store that bike in the back of your garage. Instead, you can purchase a tandem bike attachment that you can easily connect to your bike. The tandem attachment will convert your everyday bicycle into a tandem bike that allows you to enjoy a bike ride with your little one. Learn more about tandem bike attachments and what they mean for the two of you here.

Tandem bike attachments are easy to use

While you may think that attaching something to your bike that carefully holds your child would be complex, connecting the tandem attachment is actually very easy for you to do. In order to connect the tandem attachment, you will need to attach a hitch around the post of your seat and secure the connecting bolts tightly.

Once the hitch is properly in place, the tandem will connect to the hitch. In most models, the tandem can be put on and taken off the bike through the use of a quick release system.

Tandem bike attachments are safe to use

The way the tandem attaches to your bike allows you to move the tandem with your bike. Therefore, where you go, the tandem goes. Although you do need to remember that you have the tandem taking up a couple of extra feet behind you, using a tandem is safe.

As safe as it is, once you have the tandem connected, ride your bike around with it in place for a bit and you will find you get used to pulling the tandem behind you quickly. Your child will be secured in the comfortable seat of the tandem.

There will also be other safety features, such as a lap belt. Different models will also have different features. For example, some will have netting around the tandem seat with material on top to protect your child from excessive sun and flying insects. Some will also have cupholders and even armrests.

If you like the idea of taking bike rides with your little one, then this is going to be the safest and most convenient way for you to do this. Tandem attachments go up in levels, so your child can progress to a tandem built like a bike. In fact, tandem attachments also come in adult sizes, so you can enjoy riding tandem with your spouse as well.